Monday, March 17

The Story Continues...

I just received an email from Barry Adkins (see April 24, 2007 post: Something Very Good Will Come From This...). This past year, I've thought of Barry and often wondered if, in the aftermath of his journey to Montana, he would continue to spread the word about alcohol abuse. I was pleased to find that he is busy working on a book about his experiences during Kevin's Last Walk. He has also recently given 28 presentations to 5,000 kids.

Way to go, Barry!

The family member I mentioned in that April post continues to struggle. He is, however, in his own right, beginning to shine. He has matured in many ways and I feel blessed to have him in my life. My association with him has taken me on a trek of my own. I never abandoned him when others did. I endeavored to love him unconditionally. It was never convenient or easy, often heart wrenching. But, because I didn't turn away, the milestones he now reaches are all the more sweet. I wouldn't have missed a minute of it.

Barry, I wish you well. As I said in that April post, you are a light in the darkness. Your desire to rise above and touch the hearts and minds of others is indeed commendable. Again, thank you for your example and best wishes on your book. I can hardly wait to read it!


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