Monday, April 7

Those Who Give

During the last week I've transferred all my files over from my old computer to my new one. This was accomplished with the determined help of my computer guy, Keith Keller, who even managed to salvage 99% of the stuff on an external hard drive that everyone else had given up for dead.

Now, I'm in the process of "unpacking" all my files and putting them in the right spots. I've been frustrated by my own ineptness, and at the length of time its taking me to get organized. I dreaded coming into the office again this morning to continue putting the remaining bits and pieces into place -- a process that is going to take up most of the coming week.

As my email flowed in, however, I had to smile, laugh, then shed a tear. I remembered why it is I do what I do. As a writer I want to connect with others. It is truly a blessing to know that -- at least to some extent -- I have done so. I have been blessed to gain friends from all over the world. I treasure them. They are lights in my life, urging and guiding me on.

One email that touched my heart in particular came from my dear friend, fireman and fellow writer, Brandon Jorgensen. Brandon shared the following:

"A man who lives in the Cache County was often seen riding his pedal bike along the roads and highways. His bike was always loaded with streamers that had become a part of his trade mark. I remember that he had a horn he loved to honk at passers by as he smiled and waved enthusiastically. He appeared to have some mental disabilities that handicapped his motor function in very minor ways, but that didn't stop him from trying to light up the lives of those around him by sharing good will.

As the story goes, misunderstood or not, he was beat up by a gang of no gooders. I believe it was my grandpa who told me about it. Not long after I once again saw the man along the highway heading north while we were on our way to Preston. There he was, despite the tragedies of life and abuse of others, riding his bike, waving enthusiastically with a contagious smile that filled up our hearts with peace and love as we continued along our way. I pray for all those who give through the pure love of Christ, despite the antagonists along the way."

Brandon, thank you for sharing your thoughts about the Bicycle Man. I remember seeing him as well. His enthusiasm is indeed contagious. Isn't it amazing that those who are given the least are frequently the ones who give the most? Reminds me of my friend Ethan Kafton - aka Captain Origami.

You can read more about Ethan on at the following link:

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