Thursday, September 11

Bikes and Peaches

It has been a really--really--long time since I rode a bike.
So what possessed me to ride my son's bike last night?
My daughter.
Mags is ten and all freckled and cute and made a shrewd observation:
"We have not ridden our bikes all year."
She was right.
Two weddings and a host of other busy things kept us from it.
So, my husband aired up my tires and I made promises to go.
They went flat--the tires not the promises.
My son let me borrow his BMX racer.
When I sat on it my knees nearly hit my chin as I pedaled.
A little boy laughed at me.
A couple of big people did too.
But I didnt' see them riding a BMX!
Let 'em try.
The smile on my daughter's face was worth every minute.
Think we'll go again tonight.
My favorite part of our town's annual
peach harvest celebration--
Peach Days?
My friend Ethan
who always has a smile.

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