Wednesday, October 8

Every Family Needs...

...a little old lady to love. A sweet, elderly matron with a lawn to mow, leaves to rake, and walks to shovel. Someone to make cards for and be told stories by.
A good old-fashioned, silver haired grandma type who'll love them in return.

My Grandma Minnie passed away when my children were little. My Grandma Esther lived over two-hundred miles away. But our next door angel in disguise was named Phyllis Valentine. In the fifteen years we were privileged to know her, Phyllis taught my children about selfless service, and unconditional love and caring -- priceless lessons my three grown children continue to emulate.

We've been blessed with other angels as well: Agnes, Hazel, June, Marvel, Leila, Erma, Etta, and our beloved Delone. All strong, valiant souls who enriched our lives immeasurably with insight, wit, and wisdom.

Some families are blessed to have grandparents live nearby. The benefits of time spent one-on-one are priceless. For those like us who don't, nothing beats an adopted next-door grandma.

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Anne Bradshaw said...

What a lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

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