Thursday, October 30

Last Saturday Night

...we stayed at one of our favorite Bed and Breakfasts, The Armstrong Mansion. Nestled on the east side of Salt Lake City, Utah, the mansion is touted as a romantic getaway.

Fortunately--since we don't get many romantic getaways--it is also family friendly.

The beds are comfortable, the cinnamon rolls are heavenly, the atmosphere is tranquil and relaxing, and...

...did I mention the cinnamon rolls are heavenly?

They serve an outstanding breakfast buffet--quiche, fresh fruit, muffins, sweet rolls and cakes, cobblers, juices, and...

...those cinnamon rolls!

Every evening the dough for the rolls is lovingly made. During the night and into early morning the rolls rise to perfection and by 7 a.m. are baked to a delicate brown and glazed with a mouth-watering-got-to-have-more icing.

All night long I could smell cinnamon rolls. I am NOT a morning person but I stumbled out of bed and made my way downstairs before the rest of the family was even awake. I had to taste those cinnamon rolls! They were so melt-in-your-mouth delicious that I thought an angel (or at the very least a very talented retired Keebler Elf) had made them.

And, no, you CAN'T eat just one.

Turned out that an angel (who indeed may be part elf) did make them. Her name was Brandi--thank you Brandi. It's always wonderful to meet and embrace those who you admire, those who bring you great joy. I won't tell you how many rolls I devoured but Brandi was very polite and didn't snicker. She even gave me the recipe--she couldn't stand to see a grown woman cry--but I promised I wouldn't tell so you'll have to ask her yourself.


Here's a link where you can learn more about the Armstrong Mansion and how YOU can stay there this weekend and eat Brandi's cinnamon rolls.

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Tristi Pinkston said...

Yes, I'm hungry!

And I love cinnamon rolls!

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