Monday, November 24


This weekend I unpacked an old trunk and found treasures long forgotten.

Kitchen utensils, plates, cups, and yellowed but still starch-stiff cotton table cloths from the days when my grandmother entertained special company, or hosted parties for her ladies group, were among pleasant finds. Just holding things she once touched evoked cherished memories.

Some things, like a spatula, slotted spoon, and ladle, were still wrapped in plastic and never before used. Grandma liked to be prepared for all eventualities. It wouldn’t do to be without what she might one day need so she stocked up on everything. I doubt she imagined the items would be used in a tiny kitchen two-hundred miles and over a decade away from her home and hands.

But who knows.

Grandma had an innate wisdom that still amazes me.

Maybe she sensed her granddaughter might some day need such items because she had failed to prepare accordingly for life in a rustic cabin.

Grandma, as always, thank you.

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