Monday, February 16

Love for Nie Day

As Christian and Stephanie enter their next step in recovery, well wishers celebrated last Saturday as “Love for Nie” Day, and "Donate to NieNie" buttons around the world were switched to "I Read NieNie."

From Nie's sister, CJane:

Hey Nie fans, it's Courtney here to thank you (once again) for your prayers on behalf of my sister and her family. The surgery went well, and Nie is recovering in good health. We hope she'll be home soon, back to physical therapy and family life. She never ceases to amaze. Just a reminder that this Saturday is Valentines Day, or in other words, Love for Nie Day. We are celebrating the finale of Nie Recovery by switching all Nie Recovery buttons to I Read Nie buttons. We thank all of those who pitched in to support Nie Recovery. The going word around here is overwhelming. It may never catch up to us, all the love and support.

I've grown to love and admire the Nielson's and their devoted family. To follow the Nie Dialogue's, get yourself a button here.

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