Monday, March 16

The Perfect Weekend

It was, by my definition, the perfect weekend. A great day of snowmobiling on Saturday with the grandkids, followed by a Grandma's house sleepover that night.

I love having the house filled with family.

As always, there were some rough spots: a couple of minor squabbles, a major juice spill in the kitchen, and a little Winston poop on the tile in the mudroom that someone stepped in. Aunt Mal and Uncle Rick came and spread goodwill and cheer, and played card games with the girls. There were snuggles on the couch, popcorn, stories read and told, princess Abbie had a magic wand--all in all everyone, including Winston, had a great time.

Sunday there were three birthday celebrations, well wishes for a missionary about to leave, friends and family in two homes brimming with food. A skinned knee brought everyone together to love and bandage Abbie, who was as good as new in time for cake and singing.

It was wonderful.

Making it more so was the news that a dear little boy on a blog I've been following had a perfect day. Jonah Alexander was born with an extremely rare genetic skin disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa and is currently fighting for his life. His parents are praying for a miracle and yesterday got a glimpse of hope. To read about Jonah, click on the button to the right or here.

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Nettan said...

It's funny to use bloggers random search, so here I am. A swedish girl who just happend to end up on your blog. :)

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