Monday, June 8

Win a copy of A Future for Tomorrow

Interview with author

Haley Hatch Freeman

and a chance to win a

copy of her book.

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Lori said...

I love your Blog. Thank you for following, I am following you as well now.

Have a great weekend, you are a wonderful writer.


HerMedia said...

Hi Lori thanks for being a goggle connect friend with organized families... I was thinking maybe you could share the aha moments with us on your blog ;) I am intrigued now to hear them since I know you had them !

Ness said...

I love your blog!
It's so inviting!
Came from MBC under 100 followers, come check out the mayhem on my blog!


Lori Nawyn said...

Hi Lori and Ness. Sincere thanks for visiting. Yes, HerMedia, I will share my ahamoments one day soon.

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