Thursday, November 19

Got Bluegrass?

Growing up I loved to listen to my grandfather's country and western record collection. Sprinkled among his favorite albums I found something a little different--Bluegrass. And, from the comedic hillbilly-styled offerings of Homer and Jethro, to Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, to Dolly Parton, I quite unintentionally developed a fondness for the stuff.

Yesterday when my family was afforded the opportunity to hear the band Cherryholmes in concert I jumped at the chance. The music preformed by this group--comprised of a father, mother, and their four children--is described at Bluegrass on steroids. From heart warming vocals to stirring instrumentals, Cherryholmes also made fans of my husband and youngest daughter. On the road for only a few years now, the group has garnered numerous awards and Grammy nominations. Their story is raw and touching: after the death of their oldest daughter in 1999 they decided to draw the family closer through music. In 2002 they sold their house and began touring.

Take a listen here.

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