Friday, August 13

A Future for Tomorrow

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of hearing author Haley Hatch Freeman speak. Her book, A Future for Tomorrow, details her struggle and ultimate triumph over anorexia. I took my twelve-year-old along, who was very impressed with all Haley said. Haley is a knowledgeable speaker who is working hard to debunk media messages about food and weight. She is passionate about reaching out to others to help them find their worth.

Haley's sweet spirit touched me deeply; I admire her strength and determination. We need more people like her who are willing to share their life experiences to guide those who are struggling with similar problems.

Thank you, Haley, for all you do.

To learn more about Haley, her book, and her purpose visit her website: here

My interview with her is: here

1 comment:

Angie said...

She sounds like a great person. Her book sounds like something very important to get out there.

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