Wednesday, August 18

No Computer . . . and Book Signing Photos

Cauliflower Retreat Director Karen Eddington, Valerie, Me, friends Stan and DeAnn and Mags.

My sis and me.

Last Friday around noon my awesome editor, Sam, put the finishing touches on my novel.

We celebrated the fact that it went to print on schedule.

That night my computer crashed. I fixed it. It crashed again.

And again.
A friend helped me fix it.
It crashed a third time.

Now it is in the capable hands of a computer guru in
another city. In the meantime I can't get to files,
most of my email, and to my photo editing software.

I've decided to over ride my own perfectionistic tendencies and post some very unPhotoShopped photos of our signing at Karen Eddington's new self-worth outreach center,
Karen is a phenomenal woman who is committed to helping girls and women discover their own inner beauty and strength.
Thank you, Karen, for all you do!
And for inviting Valerie and me to share the morning with you!

Valerie and friends.

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