Friday, September 10

36th Annual National Suicide Prevention Week

This week I'm thinking of friends who have died--by committing suicide. Friends who others labeled as someone who "had it made." Someone who had everything. Someone they didn't really need to lend compassion or support to.

Sometimes the facades we construct are a sharp contrast to what burns beneath the surface.

Like my friend Kat. She was beautiful and successful. Everyone could see that. Everyone except her. Others treated her with a degree of disregard because they assumed her sometimes austere nature meant she thought she was better than others. Little did they know she didn't feel she was worth anything. She felt she was zero. Nothing. That's why she acted the way she did.

This week I'm thinking of friends who have died by committing suicide, and others feared they were going to so before they did--but just didn't know how to help.

This week I'm thinking of friends who have talked about committing suicide, and who have found the strength to hold on, but only because someone else reached out. Cared. Loved them. Forgave them. Took time to help them find help.

This week I'm praying for those whose families are in denial, even though all the warning signs are there. There is no shame in seeking help. We all need a shoulder to lean on at one time or another--for one reason or another--in our lives

This week I'm thinking of a friend who is struggling to hold on and too afraid to tell his wife and family the truth about how he really feels inside. Too afraid to admit he needs to fix some things, reach out in truth and honesty and let go of the fear of the stigma he feels he will be labeled with.

Suicide knows no boundaries of age, race, religion, or sex. This week take a minute to educate yourself on how to help yourself or someone else. Click here for a good place to start.


Ann Best said...

Hi, Lori. I see you signed up as a follower on my blog. Glad you did. It led me here. This a beautiful site. I love your sidebar photos.

I see this post is about suicide. My second husband died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. About 14 years ago when I moved from Virginia back to Utah (I'm now permanently in Virginia!) I interviewed a number of people and wrote a short book called Not Without Hope. Ironically, I went back to it about a week ago to see about publishing it on Smashwords. After my husband's death, every book I read on suicide was about people who couldn't seem to get out of their grief. They were very depressing stories. I wanted to write something more hopeful; these people I talked to were people who turned to Christ for comfort.

Anyway, I'm happy to meet you, and I'll be back.

Lori said...

Sincere thanks for stopping by, Ann, and for your comments. I can't say how very much I was touched by reading your blog. You are truly an amazing woman, a choice daughter of our Father in Heaven. What an honor to meet you. Your book sounds like something that would impact hearts and lives in a very important way. Please let me know when it's published. I would love to read it.

Again, thank you for stopping by. I look forward to being a frequent visitor on your blog and reading more of your posts.

MT said...

Thanks for addressing this issue, Lori. A lot of people are afraid of it. A boy at the high school committed suicide last year. When I asked the school if they had a suicide prevention program, they said they didn't want to give the issue any undue attention. They were afraid it would cause others to commit suicide too. I wish I could do something about it. My heart reaches out to all who deal with this burden.

Tabitha Bird said...

Thank you for this post. I am one of those people who was very close to ending my life. If not for my husband and a very talent counselor I would not be here. I also believe God had something to do with it :)

My heart reaches out to all those who have lost people they loved because of suicide.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You ~Ron

Lori said...

MT in my little town suicide numbers among the 16-25 year old age group are skyrocketing, yet no one wants to address the issue. Just as you discovered the same is true here: administrators and community leaders feel undue attention will cause more suicides. I was with a group that talked about it the other night and we are trying to educate ourselves on how we can best help. It is a certainty the kids are already talking about it among themselves on a daily basis. I personally don't feel silence is the best option.

Tabitha, thank you for your comments. I am so thankful you found help. Supportive family members and knowledgeable counselors can have such an impact for the best. I know first hand God is always there for us, but that is of little consolation when you don't feel worthy of his love, as many who are struggling feel. I was once in that category as well. I have a friend who makes it a practice to pray specifically for those who have no one who may think to pray for them...

I look forward to visiting your blog again and reading more of your posts.

Toyin O. said...

Praying for these people. thought provoking post.

Jackee said...

Beautiful post. Thanks for reminder. You never know. You just don't.

I had a grandmother who committed suicide and it's something nearly impossible to come to terms with sometimes for those left behind.

I think I'll go hug a sister now! :o) Thanks for reminding me.

Lori said...

Thank you for your comment, Toyin, and for your prayers.

Jackee: thanks for stopping by. I believe everyone we meet has something to teach us, and that everything happens for a reason--a real leap of faith for me initially. My friends who committed suicide were phenomenal women. I learned so much from them and pray I can pass on the best of them--their examples of kindness, etc.--to others.

Melissa J. Cunningham said...

I did not realize I wasn't following your blog! I'm so sorry about that! Glad I am now! Beautiful post.

Lori said...

Thank you, Melissa. It's wonderful to see you here!

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