Monday, December 27

And the winners are...

...dozens of commitments...and the idea category of The Great Holiday Cookie contest:

Honorable Mention: Diane Roscoe of Ohio who will receive an autographed copy of My Gift to You for her clever idea for dressing up Oreos. From Diane:
"I take Oreo cookies and dip them in mint white chocolate or chocolate and then decorate them with Christmas sprinkles.
I am definitely a from-scratch cookie baker, but there are times when I've needed something quick-or just something a little "extra" or different to add to the cookie tray, and these always go over great.
In fact, when my daughter was studying a semester in Turkey this past spring with several other local students, that was the ONE thing that they requested me to send them.
And now that I have a little granddaughter, I've been sliding a Popsicle stick in between the cookies before I dip them and making sucker cookies out of them. And they make cute favors or a little something extra to add to a gift when you wrap them individually in a sucker bag and tie them with a pretty ribbon!"
And the winner: Paula Marchesi of Pennsylvania for her ideas about how to package Christmas cookies. From Paula:
"I've been giving holiday Cookies away since I was a little girl. Through the years I have refined my cookie wrapping. I start in July, yes, Christmas in July. I go to yard sales and flea markets whenever possible looking for anything in good condition for a cheap price that I can fit cookies in or on. It's amazing what you can pick up and find.

Plates and boxes in different colors and shapes make for a nice presentation. Glass jars and glass containers look pretty with cookies inside. Baskets, pots, and pans come in handy. Depending on the size I have even filled bird houses, large shoes, fishing tackle boxes, and decorated Christmas wreaths with holiday cookies. Let your imagination soar and you'll be amazed at what you might find and be able to create."
Paula will receive an autographed copy of My Gift to You, a $10 gift certificate to KitchenKneads, and an assortment of holiday cookie cutters from Off the Beaten Path.
Congratulations, ladies!
The winners of the story and recipe categories will be announced shortly along with the Grand Prize Winner!

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Tamara Hart Heiner said...

yummy yummy cookie ideas! so hard to go wrong w/ cookies!

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