Saturday, August 23

Uncle Sherman's Special Chili

My grandmothers loved to cook, and they did it well.

They could take any combination of ingredients and make a mouth-watering dish that would have everyone shoving past each other just to get to the table.

I love to cook too. I just don't always do it gracefully. Take the peach meatloaf I tried to invent for a cookbook I did a couple of years ago. It had everyone shoving past each other just to get away from the table.

Yesterday, while cleaning in the kitchen, I stumbled across a little 2 X 4 inch black book with the words MAY 1946 emblazoned on the front. It was a date book from the Racor Brake Shoe Company of Chicago. She never traveled to Chicago but somehow my Grandma Minnie got a hold of that little book and made an entry on the first page. She titled it: "Chilli: Uncle Sherman - Special."

I don't use suet (beef fat) in my cooking (maybe it would have helped the peach meatloaf), but I think I'll try the recipe this winter, just to say I did. The ingredients don't include any tomato type substance--maybe Grandma forgot to list a few things--so I may make some modifications.

For now, its still too hot outside for me to even consider making chili. So today I'm going to whip up a batch of my fresh peach salsa. You can find the recipe here.

Unlike my peach meatloaf, my peach salsa tastes much better than it sounds--yes, you can put peaches in salsa.


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