Sunday, August 24

There are many wonderful people who have blessed my life abundantly over the years.
Here are but a few I am deeply indebted to:
Mallorie, who loves me
despite my ineptitude as a mother,
and who taught me about
being valiant and standing up
for what I believe in
Esther, who believed in me
when no one else did, or would
Aunt Bass, who believed in me
when no one else did or would,
and who showed me
how very good it was to laugh
Minnie, who believed in me
when no one else did, or would
Eileen, who loved me as her own,
and taught by example what
a loving family was all about
Phyllis, who taught me
all the wonderful things I could
do with my hands,
and about the joy of service
Delone, for teaching me that
mountains can be moved
with a strong heart and a gentle voice
Virgie, who showed me that I was not alone
Bethany, who helped give me the gift of words
Carol Lynn, who taught me to follow my heart
Pat, who I always admired from afar but whose
gentle smile filled the world with love
Lily, who still calls me friend,
because of and despite all
we have been through together
Sincere thanks to you all...

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