Saturday, August 30

Room for Two

Room for Two is the true story of the year of Abel Keogh’s life following his wife’s suicide. The book begins as he steps through the door of his home and hears a gunshot echo from the bedroom. His worst fears are realized when he finds his pregnant wife dead. Their premature baby is rushed to the hospital. She dies nine days later.Whether or not a reader is going through tough times in life, he or she will find inspiration in Room for Two. The story is gripping, compelling and heart breaking reading. Despite opposition, Keogh manages to rebuild his life and share lessons he learns from the death of Krista and baby Hope. He eventually finds forgiveness, peace, and love—enough to make room for two, allowing another woman (Julianna) into his life.

If you'd like a chance to win a copy of book, visit author Anne Bradshaw's blog:

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