Monday, January 26

Making Peace with January

I love snow but I've never been a big fan of January. This year I decided to count my blessing and make peace with it. After some effort, I’ve come up with a Top Ten Things I Like about January list:

10. Eleven months left to do Christmas shopping.

9. There are no holiday cards to send.

8. There’s no pressure to bake cookies.

7. No one expects you to decorate for it.

6. Since it’s a low profile month, you’re generally not expected to have your house in ship shape order for company.

5. Even if there’s no snow you don’t have to water the grass.

4. When there is snow, shoveling counts as aerobic exercise—especially if you jog from the sidewalk to the driveway—then you don’t have to go to the gym and catch everyone else’s cold.

3. It’s a good time to organize, but not too much. Put the Christmas decorations away, and do some shifting and inventory—a kind of pre-spring cleaning only lighter.

2. There’s no competition between neighbors because nobody cares what your yard looks like—their’s looks the same or worse.

1. February is right around the corner!

Okay, it was a stretch. What are your favorite things about January?

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