Tuesday, January 27

Tony Geary's Aunt's Stew

Over a decade ago I took a cooking class from a wonderful woman whose name I don't remember. I do remember, however, that she said she was Tony Geary's (of General Hospital/Luke and Laura fame) aunt and that she was from Tremonton, Utah. One of the best recipes I learned under her tutelage was for a hearty fill you up/warm you up stew.

A few years back I was asked to contribute a favorite recipe to a neighborhood cookbook. I thought of the stew. I wanted to give proper credit to the woman who had ceated the recipe, but I simply didn't remember her name.

Thus, the the stew went into the cookbook as Tony Geary's Aunt's Stew.

Since the recipe is perfect for the blustery days of January I'll share it here, hoping Tony Geary's aunt will forgive me for forgetting her name but not her wonderful stew.

If you double click on the recipe, it should pop up in another window where you can print it.

Tony, wherever you are, I hope you and your sweet aunt are warm this January and enjoying her delicious cooking!


Anne Bradshaw said...

Thanks for entering the book contest, Lori. Sorry that you didn't win this time. Please do try again. There's another great prize this week if you want to check it out.

Lori Nawyn said...

Thanks, Anne. I'll take a look.

Sherry said...

Lori, I rememeber when you put this recipe in the ward cookbook and thought I would tell you a little fact. Tony grew up in Coalville. He's a little older than me and his parents and my parents were good friends. He was in South Pacific in high school and I remember having a crush on him. Just a fun memory.

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