Friday, July 23

Seven Colors

Thank you to Melissa over at From My Somewhat Serious Mind for the Seven Colors award. It's been kind of a bumpy week and I woke up this morning determined to count my blessings.

Indeed there are many.

Even though I can't access my primary email account I've still been able to work--finish changes for my editor, stay in touch with friends, make publicity contacts, etc.--on a new account.

Though I got a parking citation--I neglected to read the fine print on my permit--the sweet ladies in the transportation department let me off easy. No fine and a good natured reprimand on reading the fine print.

Though the air conditioning system on the fourth floor went on the blink and made it sound like someone was breaking through the walls with a jackhammer at 1 a.m., and it was discovered there were other problems, we got a new room. Quiet. Peace. At least a few hours of sleep.

I got a new toothbrush this morning. The old one got lost. The hotel didn't have any. I will never under rate ownership of a toothbrush again.

Chocolate melts fast in summer heat. It also cools quickly in air conditioning.

Angels are there when you really need them.

Many, many more...

Per instructions on Melissa's blog, I need to list seven things that make me happy:

1. My Lord and Savior. He is the cornerstone of my life, an anchor when life's storms swell, comfort and guide through both joy and despair, making each moment sweeter and more meaningful.

2. My family. I can't believe how homesick we are this week. And how much we depend on one another for little day-to-day things we so often take for granted. The smile on my daughter's face these past few days as she learns and grows makes every hardship fade away.

3. Writing. Being able to express myself is a blessing of immeasurable worth. My art and being able to use it to help others.

4. Finding rainbows after the storm, be the clouds, rain, lightening, and thunder real or perceived.

5. Friends who are friends because they value me for me without conditions.

6. A really good creme brulee.

7. A book well written that commands respect with its insight and depth of characterization.

~Have a wonderful day!

1 comment:

Sherry said...

Lori, I can hear your smile through it all. :0) Thanks for sharing.

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