Monday, July 26


...was just what I needed. Some really good rest. Sitting down, sitting still, for more than a few minutes. All week it seemed there was something to do or some place to be, almost on the hour. It felt good to stay in one spot for almost two whole hours!

Grilled chicken for Sunday dinner, with a cucumber brought over by a thoughtful friend.

Little House on the Prairie reruns, one I actually don't remember seeing: The Wildboy. A mute boy becomes a sideshow attraction and runs away only to be discovered by Jenny and saved by Mr. Edwards. It made us all cry.

Then a fast check of email. The smell of bacon wafting from the garage...B seasoning his new cook stove. When he popped open the garage door to see where Mags was he nearly ran me over. I stuck my head out into the garage to heckle him a bit. Door popping and bacon--I really don't like the smell of the stuff. He just smiled. Me too. I went back to the couch until our neighbors invited us over for dessert.

Rocky Road brownies.

Vanilla ice cream.

Good company.

Kids jumping on the trampoline with ice cubes to keep cool.

Fireworks in the cul-de-sac at dark.

Unhurried. Normal. Fun.

It was just what I needed.


Angie said...

That sounds like perfection!

Susan said...

Hi Lori!
Thanks for leaving a comment on our Suna Photography blog! It's always nice to find another Nawyn-- and rare at that! You blog looks really neat, and I'm glad we stumbled upon each other!


Lori Nawyn said...

Yes, Angie, it was wonderful. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for visiting my blog, Susan. I love your photography--I found several photos on your blog that were simply stunning. I wish we lived closer so you could take photos of our family. Maybe one day we'll bump into each other somewhere.

Take care and all best,


melissa said...

Sounds like a really nice day. Everyone could use a lot more days like these. :-)

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