Friday, February 11

Celebrate the joy in journaling

On my last trip to Oregon I picked up this journal
where I record many things that bring me joy:

Smiles from my kids
Walks with my dogs
The crisp sweetness of my new
pink sheets-thank you Rachel!
My favorite colors of the week,
this week pink and blue
Marionberry jam
Marionberry cobbler, especially from Mo's
Letters and cards from friends
Memories of my grandparents
Inspirational quotes
Funny things people say

This week one of the things
that brought me joy was making it
through Zumba class--good news
since I'm getting a little, um, older soon.

What brought you joy this week?


Marie said...

I, too, keep a joy journal, Lori.

This week my joy came from the smile on my middle daughter's face when she picked out not just one cute little rat, but two to join her lonely rat at home.

And then to see all three of my kids still at home introducing the three rats to one another and having a ball being together.

lovesAbJennBrett said...

MMMM! Moms sweet pork burrito's brought me joy this week:))))

Lori said...

Marie, I loved reading about your moments of joy! How wonderful!

We don't have rats--but just about everything else. We recently introduced a new parakeet into the family. She's a sweetheart and her attempts to mimick what we say have brought many smiles.

Can I ask what prompted you to keep a joy journal and how long you've been recording your experiences?

Lori said...

Wow, kiddo, if the sweet pork brought you joy you should have tasted the chicken! Next time I'll make sure you get some you!

Marie said...

Lori, we also have four parakeets--and they are an endless source of entertainment (along with two mice and a dog--oh, and I better check the basement, I was gone all day yesterday--who knows what we've adopted when I wasn't looking?).

I have been keeping a specific separate joy journal since just after Christmas. One of my goals for this year is to seek out, create and celebrate joy every day--and to record those experiences to uplift me when I need it.

And while I'm not as consistent as I ought to be in recording it, seeking it out and trying to create it everyday has definitely increased my gratitude and made me more mindful of my blessings.

Lori said...

Marie, I love your goal of seeking, creating, and celebrating joy every day! One of my dear friends says that joy is not merely one of life's luxuries it's a necessity.

I have a separate joy journal as well...also a gratitude journal and a M.O.M. journal--a Mindful of Me Journal where I record experiences that are evidence to me of my Father in Heaven's love.

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