Monday, June 13

Got Faith?

On our recent zip line tour, I decided to be bold and courageous--this after a bout of nerves that kept me grounded for a time. I departed a hillside to zip a couple of hundred feet down to a platform in a tree. As the incline of the cable leveled out and I came within twenty feet of safety, my down-filled coat billowed out at my sides and I slowed to a stop. I was stunned and didn’t realize what was happening. The pulley that held me suspended thirty feet up in the air started to propel me backward. Terror coursed through my body when I realized that going in reverse would put me farther away from help. In a split second I had to make a choice: faint, scream . . . or listen! Listen to the inspiration that flowed into me—the impression to focus on our tour guide, Pat, who stood on the platform in the tree, and pay careful attention to what he told me to do.

Pat’s eyes locked on mine. He instructed me to reach up and put my hand behind the pulley to stop myself. No way did I want to move my hand from the safety of my harness to reach above myself and grab the zip cable!


The impression was firm and strong. My leather gloved hand shot upward. I grasped the cable and held on for dear life. Pat clipped himself to the line and slowly made his way toward me. Reaching my position he wrapped his legs around me and pulled us both back to safety.

The experience taught me about faith:  doing all we possibly can and then--when we reach the end of our rope (or the momentum of our zip line)--continuing to cling to hope with the firm belief that help will certainly come.

What have you learned about faith?


Mal said...

I really like this post. Sometimes we just want to kick and scream when the Lord really just wants us to be still and know that He will take care of us.

Angie said...

Great post. That must have been so scary! Yes, faith is exactly like that. So if the Lord says step out of the boat and walk on the water, you can do it!

Terry said...

Lori I love your blog! You inspire so many!! You also have a spirit about you that inspires all of us to want to live life to the fullest! I feel blessed to have you as a friend!

Lori said...

So true, Mal. The admonition to Be Still is very valuable. Thanks for coming yesterday. My stomach was hurting and kept me from moving very fast, but I had a great day!

Thanks for commenting, Angie! Developing and refining a fullness of faith is an ongoing process for me, but I become stronger every time I listen and obey.

Terry, you're so sweet. I truly feel blessed to have you as a friend! Thanks for always being so kind and good to us--it means the world. You don't know anything about a bread maker do you?:)

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