Thursday, August 4

Changing Negative Thoughts

Do your children struggle with negative thinking?

Patrick Cohn over on The Ultimate Sports Parent Blog talks about how you can help your kids change doubts into statements of confidence. While the post is about helping kids who are involved in sports glean confidence to reach their full potential, the vital tips can help all kids overcome the fear of making mistakes. Overcoming self criticism is an important step toward living a full and happy life. Click here for the post.

Speaking of positive thoughts, Valerie Ackley will be appearing at the Lehi, Utah Costco tomorrow--Friday, August 6, and Saturday, August 7--from 11 to 5 where she'll be signing copies of our book What Are You Thinking? It's a great opportunity for you and your kids to meet Valerie and learn more about the story behind the book and how it is helping kids of all ages as they work to embrace their hopes, dreams, and aspirations.


Crystal Collier said...

My son and I had a discussion on this this morning. I think it's a constant battle to help them slip into the right thinking patterns, but much of the way kids react to the world will be based on the examples they see.

Lori said...

You're right, Crystal. Kids react based on examples they observe, that's why it's so vital for parents to model positive behavior and healthy patterns of thought. Focusing on positive thoughts can become a habit just as dwelling on negatives thoughts can ... easier said than done! Opening a dialogue with your kids about positive thoughts is great--sounds like you're on the right track!

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