Friday, September 12

Hearts and Paws

I wanted a new German Shepherd. I had her picked out. Washka was all cuteness and fluff with a big price tag to match. But, on a chance trip to a local animal shelter, I found the Huskies. It was love at first sight.
They were on death row, for the second time.
Their previous owner couldn't keep them contained. My husband rolled his eyes the way he always does when I ask for the moon. "Sure, honey, you want a new kennel with a new hand-built dog house within a couple of hours?"
Wonderful man that he is, he agreed.
I was explaining to another dog owner yesterday that Huskies are a whole different ball game than German Shepherds. Cat-like in their demeanor, they don't have the built in loyalty of a Shepherd--free spirits that they are, they don't need human validation. If they obey, it is out of respect. After a year and a half with us, it feels good to finally be gaining their trust, even their favor. What used to amount to pavement skiing behind them on attempted "walks" has blossomed into an enjoyable experience where we indeed do just walk.


Elissa D. Cruz said...

Beautiful dogs! I've never owned a Husky. Though I did have a German Shepherd once, but he didn't like kids. Yep. I was a kid at the time.

Thanks for inviting me to check out your blog. It's lovely. Wish I could say mine looked as nice.


Lori Nawyn said...

Hi Elissa,

Thanks for the comment on my dogs. I look forward to visiting your blog.

Happy writing!


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